Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Election Day Bull Sheet?

Everybody loves the late Sex To Sexty. It was a hairs breadth short of being a Tijuana Bible, with terrible jokes, and occasionally some sweet Bill Ward art. And Ken Idaho was the guy you had to go through to get published, because the whole thing was his idea. Sex To Sexty WAS Ken Idaho.

But Ken Idaho wasn't just the neighborhood perv. He was also part of the country outfit Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters (which made him a perv on the road, even more dangerous). A group popular enough for Ken Idaho to paste Jimmy Heap's name prominently at the top of the record. However, by my count there are 179 issues of Sex To Sexty published. Not to mention the affiliated records. So I'd say Ken Idaho's hillbilly empire of dirty jokes is his real legacy.


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