Saturday, November 26, 2011

The many faces of Giggles for Guzzlers

If you've listened to episode 2 of our MAG Follies podcast, then you know where we got the name of this blog. Thank you, Beryl Williams. That set was a fuckin' disaster, but what an album title!

BTW, there is some evidence that "Giggles for guzzlers" was an oft-used phrase in 60's comedy circles. Nipsey Russell says it at the beginning of his '99 Cent Comedy Special, also sampled in episode 2.

Anyway, on the show, we mentioned there were multiple covers for the album. Here's five we've found. There's probably more!

Here's Beryl himself, leering at you with this besotted, flop-sweating eyeholes on the safest (and least common, far as I can tell) cover. Bo's got this one.

Here's the version I have. It comes with a sticker over the girl's naughty bits. Just peel and enjoy! Note: the naked girl does not make Beryl's comedy go down any easier.

When Giggles was reissued on party record specialists Laff, they offered up a new set of boobs to ogle:

There was also at least a couple of G4G 8-tracks, as well. Here's the bizarre-but-awesome cover that went out the foreign markets:

And here's the standard "Party tape"!

Which one should you get? None. It's a horrible record.

Who I am kidding? Get 'em all. You do like giggling and guzzling, don't you?

- Ken 


  1. Isn't it exclusively a female name? Beryl's my mum's name.

  2. He might've been too drunk to notice.